Uniqlo Europe

Uniqlo is a Japanese designer, manufacturer, and retailer of casual wear. Uniqlo Europe Limited is located in London, which serves as the headquarters for all European countries.
My Role
Web and content designer in e-commercal team
Case studies
Here is an example of my daily work: the original banner design on category/feature pages was a simple image banner. However, while working on the new feature page - INES collection - I redesigned the banner to be more interactive. Now, customers can get more information about the products by hovering over the banners. As a result, 90% of the pages have been updated to interactive banners.
One of the most exciting projects I worked on during my time at Uniqlo was the Uniqlo X Kaihara Denim Microsite. This microsite was created to educate and showcase the collection in-depth to Uniqlo customers. As the microsite had more flexibility with the design output, it allowed me to be more creative while still adhering to Uniqlo’s style guidelines. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and was proud of the final output.
Case studies
The Kids, Baby, and AIRism Enthusiasts microsites were created with the help of our in-house programmer. I worked on the web design while the programmer did the coding. The design was creative and interactive, providing a great way to introduce Uniqlo products to customers.