M yacths

M Yachts is a luxury yacht charter company based in Hong Kong that offers a fully customized online booking system for their customers, making it easier and more convenient for them to plan their yacht trips. As part of their launch, I was requested to design their homepage, as well as the booking interface, to ensure that the company’s online presence is as elegant as their yachts.
My Role
Web and graphic designer
Planing out your journey
Select your departing city and date of your voyage.
Book a Yacht
Browse our selection and book your dream yacht.
Discovering Amazing Places
Experience pure freedom as the master of your own voyage. Explore and marvel in all cities have to offer with destinations that inspire you to seize the day, in style.
Enjoy the food and drinks
With a luscious selection of food and wine packages, pick your must-haves to complement your trip.
For Extra Fun
Choose various water sports equipment to bring on your trip.
Pay It Now
Proceed to payment ( Various payment methods accepted) - All through M Yachts trusted services.
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